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sherpa-kyidug             Reply | Notify Admin
 4/21/2014 10:42:30 PM

United Sherpa Association is seeking donations from individuals and corporations for Mt. Everest Disaster relief fund. The relief fund will benefit the immediate families of the deceased. As we hear the horror stories of those brave Sherpa Climbers, we feel like it's our moral obligation to help the vulnerable families they've left behind in one of the worst disaster in Mt. Everest history. Please, help us help them by your generous donations. 100% of your donation will go to the victims of this disaster.

Please, make your check payable to United Sherpa Association, 4101 75 St., Elmhurst, NY 11373 and mention Mt. Everest Disaster Relief Fund. or Pay by Credit Card by going to the link below.

We are a 501(c) Non Profit Charity Organizaion and your donations are tax deductible. Thank You.
atsnamche             Reply | Notify Admin
 5/18/2014 12:55:44 AM

Dear Donors and concerned people
Good to hear for coming forwarded for this humanitarian project of Everest disaster. Here in Khumbu Ive met almost all the families, each family are still in a stage of shock where most of them has lost there husbands , some are survived by four children, some has one month old child, some has five month old child , some has very old parents they even cant look after themselves...since from Khumbu alone we have lost 8(eight) climbers, for these    there are shortages of monks as they have to perform the funeral rituals, Dinjya, and Shibju Shyragu (49 days) pooja which is still ahead...for this the basic needs for the pooja they needs to buy the stuffs and monks salary , CHHO etc. At this hard time if the collected amount is refered to the victims family ASAP, they will be relieved, cause they were very much thank ful to us for the small amount which we've granted to them...but its up to your decision ....thank you
ang tenzing sherpa
namche-1 , solukhumbu
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